Top 15 Most Protective Smartphone Cases

Top 15 Most Protective Smartphone Cases

 Tech Castle    -     April 24, 2019

Oh no! I cracked my phone screen!

With the average iPhone screen costing upwards of $200 to repair, its no wonder phone cases have become big business.

We live in a digitalized world where most people spend their time on laptops or their smartphones.

We have come a long way when it comes to gadgets. Before the introduction of cell phones into the market, people mostly used landlines to communicate.

A smartphone is also a cellular telephone but with something more to offer. A smartphone has an integrated function of a computer in it. Other features include web browsing, operating systems, and other abilities to run applications and software programmes.

This article is here to ensure your smartphone isn’t damaged by using the best cell phone cases.

Let’s face it, would you rather spend $30 on a case that will last years or forking out $200 every time your screen smashes?


The Smartphone Era

Modern smartphones are elegant and beautify devices but beauty can sometimes be very delicate and fragile, thereby needing extra care.

The extra care is needed because of various factors. For example, if you work outside in the open, your smartphone device gets exposed to all the different kinds of weather conditions.

Or perhaps you are on an adventure, your smartphone can easily drop into the water.

To avoid your smartphone device from getting damaged and needing a repair, it is advised that you consider using some of the best phone case brands that are rugged, tough and one that can withstand a lot of pressure.

Top 15 Best Cell Phone Cases

You might be among the people that are of the opinion that using a smartphone case covers all the aesthetic look of the smartphone.

For more on your smartphone needs, read more here.

So, let’s get down to the crux of the article.

1. Pelican Shield Case

This is a very well-known protective phone case with all the required equipment for the protection of your smartphone. It is a tough case that can be used to protect your phone from getting damaged by hard forces.

The Pelican Shield Case has Kevlar brand fibers that protect your phone if you live an active life, with a dual protector case layer that helps to absorb shock.

It also comes with a glass screen protector that helps shield the screen from cracks and scratches. The Pelican Shield Case can survive multiple drops, it has been tested with a drop test of 24 feet height.

2. Incipio Reprieve Sport Case

This is another wonderful case that you can use to protect your phone, Incipio is one of the best phone case brands that offer a lot of options.

It is made of a crystal-clear polycarbonate back with protruded corners that ensure that your iPhone gets extra protection when it falls on it corners along with extra grip.

The polycarbonate back is scratch resistant, it protects the camera well and you can easily press the buttons without restraint. It’s a very attractive case so you can keep the aesthetic and get protection at the same time.

3. Lifeproof Fre Case

If you’re looking for a tough iPhone case that you can use when going for adventures like skiing, mountain climbing and another form of events that exposes you to tough weather conditions Lifeproof Fre case offers that kind of protection.

It has waterproof protection for your iPhone. With its IP-68 rating, you do not have anything to worry about when your phone is submerged in water. This can be up to 2 meters deep for an hour without it getting damaged.

This type of case is dust resistant and can also withstand shock falls.

4. Speck Presidio Grip Case

The Speck Presidio Grip Case is a very good iPhone case that is commonly used. It is one of those phone cases that gives a guarantee on protecting your phone when it falls down. It is capable of protecting your phone from a fall of 10 feet and it handles the impact of the falling with its ridged lining.

The case helps to minimize and disperse shock when your phone falls down. It is designed with a dual polycarbonate on the outside with a matte finish to help prevent scratches.

The raised rubber edges help to grip the phone very well with the buttons cover working well.

5. Griffin Survivor Extreme Case

This is a case that is very good for outdoor activities, it disperses shock very well. It a phone case that you can trust to help protect your smartphone from shock, scratches and other damage that could affect your phone when it falls.

A drop test of 3 meters high have been done with a smartphone that uses Griffin Survivor Extreme case on a concrete block and the phone case does well to provide the needed protection.

It also passes the IP55 rating test, which means that you get to enjoy protection from rain, dust, and snow.

It has a clip with which you can use it to hook it to your belt or back. It helps to protect the speakers of your phone with the microphone with a membrane cover without blocking out the sounds.

6. Spigen Tough Armor Case

This is another tough polycarbonate designed best iPhones case brands. It is a dual-layer case cover that also has a flexible TPU shell that offers defense against a drop of 12 feet. It has an air cushion technology that helps to weaken the impact of a fall when the phone drops.

The Spigen Tough Armor is designed inside out with three-layer protection to protect your smartphone from any high impact fall. The button covers are well designed to give you easy access whenever you want to press the button.

7. Rhinoshield Solidsuit Case

This is a very good smartphone case cover that offers good protection and elegance. The Rhinoshield case is made from the ShockSpread material, this is not like the normal TPU materials used.

The ShockSpread material is a very tough material that protects your phone without making it feel bulky. It also has an impact screen protector that helps to protect your screen against scratches.

8. Catalyst Impact Case

The Catalyst Impact protective case is another type of case that offers waterproof protection for your iPhone along with also protecting your smartphone from a fall. It has a rubber bumper that helps to firmly grip your phone.

It can withstand a drop fall of 9.9 feet. It has a rotating mute switch which you are absolutely going to love.

With the lanyard strap, your wireless charging is not affected at all. It has a clear case back that helps to showcase the beauty of your iPhone with a 1mm raised bezel lip that protects your screen glass.

9. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case

This is a strong case that is very suitable for an active kind of lifestyle if your work or profession is the kind of rigorous one like that of a mechanical engineer, this case cover is one that you should get.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle has double layer protection that protects your smartphone from dents, crack and scratches and offers 360-degree protection against shock whenever it drops with inbuilt screen protection to also give extra protection to the screen of your phone.

They are available in different styles and colors.

10. Otterbox Defender Series Case

Well just like the name says, it defends your iPhone from falls, dust, scratches and fall-related damages. It has a three-layer defense system built to effectively protect your phone.

The foam inside the three layers defense helps to absorb shock when the phone falls. It is well designed to withstand tough conditions.

The covers are made of silicone with a polycarbonate shell around it. It has awesome and beautiful designs you can choose from with the upper case covering helping to protect your phone from dust particles.

11. Tech21 Evo Check Evoke Case

Another wonderful class of phone case cover protector, it is designed to showcase the beauty of your smartphone while also offering protection at the same time.

It offers drop protection from a height of 3 meters which is actually above the average height from which a phone falls.

It is thin and very light in weight with an effective and efficient FlexShock. It gives all-round protection to the phone and efficiently absorbs shock.

12. Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case

Just at the sight of it, you can tell that this is a very rugged and tough smartphone case cover. It has that kind of marine box design look.

It is designed in such a way that it has rubber enhancement around it corners to absorb shock and to ensure that you enjoy a firm grip on the phone and also to prevent it from slipping on a smooth surface. It can help prevent damage from a high fall of 10 to 12 meters several times without the phone getting damaged.

13. Tank Cover by From Case-Mate

This is designed with a tough polycarbonate material on the outer part of the case with a silicone interior to help handle shock efficiently. Tank Cover can endure and withstand drops from high ground and also efficiently handle the shock.

It gives further protection from rain, dust, wind, and vibration. If you’re an environmental worker, this certainly works well for you. You can keep working with confidence with the fear of your phone getting damaged easily.

14. Flipsuit Cases

A wonderful product from Body Glove, it is designed to be very rugged to provide you with optimum protection from extreme and rigorous lifestyle.

Well tested to deliver to military duty case smartphone cases for your iPhone device. It has a 3-layer protection system with all-around protection (360 degrees) guaranteed.

A good shock absorber and with enhanced gripping materials. It also helps to prevent scratches with nice and well-covered button ports.

15. Ballistic Tough Jacket Case

A very strong smartphone case cover that can be trusted, made of silicone shock absorbent layer that four different layers that protect the phone from excessive falls and shock.

It comes with an extra skin protector that gives additional protection to the screen of your phone. It is very suitable for rough and rigorous activity, you can clip it to your belt or bag working, if you are an engineer or your work is in an environment that is rough, Ballistic Tough Jacket case is highly recommended for you.

It is able to withstand a fall of 12 feet high without damaging your phone.

Benefits of Using iPhone Case Brands:

  1. You get to have and enjoy extra effective protection for your phone.
  2. You can also use it to add more statement to your lifestyle, where you have options to choose smartphone cases that have a nice quote written on it, a celebrity you admire or the kind of work you do.
  3. It also helps to add value to resale in a situation where you want to sell your iPhone, using a smartphone cover makes it look good and somewhat new.
  4. You also enjoy a firmer grip on your smartphone.

Get Smartphone Protection Now

It is obvious that nobody feels happy when their iPhone falls on the ground and gets damaged. Especially when you consider the amount of money you invested and also the cost and inconvenience that comes with not being able to use your phone because it is damaged.

To avoid this kind of painful and unpleasant experience, get a smartphone case cover for that iPhone.

Do not wait until you’ve dropped your phone, select one from the 15 best cell phone cases smartphone case cover mentioned above now.

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