Tech Castle Birthday Club

Birthday Castle Tradition!
One of the most popular traditions of Johnny’s Toys was the Birthday Club. Customers could register their children’s name and birthday with the store and when their birthday was near, they would receive a card in the mail with a key. This key would allow them to open the door to the castle and pick a toy from inside the castle.

Tech Castle will continue this tradition of the Birthday Club. Our staff has many wonderful memories of coming to the castle every year on their birthday and would like to share that with our customers. We look forward to seeing customers come in and share their memories with us or be able to experience it for the first time.

We have thrown in a bit of a modern twist though. Johnny’s limited the Birthday club from ages 1-10, we however, allow anyone, at any age, to sign up. We have toys for children of all ages as well as gifts for the adults. You’re never too old for the Birthday Castle!

Getting your Castle Key
We will digitally email your birthday cards with an invitation to come to the castle! You can come in to the store, pick out your own key and come inside our magical castle to choose a special birthday gift!

Be on the look out for an email to arrive soon!

I Did Not Receive My Castle Key
Let us begin by thanking you all for your continued enthusiasm for our Birthday tradition. For those of you that do not receive your Birthday Castle email by your Birthday, are welcome to come by anytime during business hours where a key and Birthday card will be supplied in store. We want everyone that signs up to have to ability to join in on the tradition. Thanks for your understanding and shared love for our goal of “Making Birthdays Great Again!”.

Please note that Tech Castle Birthday Club sends out emails only once per month. Please sign up prior to the last week of the month that precedes your birthday to ensure that you will receive your key for this year.