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Computer Repair & Service

Is your desktop running slow or needs serviced? We provide a wide range of services that will increase the life and functionality of your computer.

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Laptop Repair & Service

You can’t afford to have a broken laptop for a long period of time. We fix everything from cooling fans, screens, ports, batteries and more.

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Cell Phone Service & Repair

Cracked screen? Broken charging port? Whether you have a Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG or any other brand, our techs are here to help.

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Tablet / iPad Service & Repair

We offer screen & part replacements, fix water damage, charging port and dock connector repairs for Apple iPads & other top-brand tablets.

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We Repair & Carry Many Popular Brands Including

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HP - Repair & Shop

Lenovo - Repair & Shop

Featured Products

Featuring the historic Johnny’s Birthday Castle in Northern Kentucky!

While you’re shopping, sign up for the Birthday Castle. Just like Johnny’s of old, you’ll receive that famous post card and key each year on your birthday. We have thousands of toys for the kids and something for the adults so they can (relive the nostalgia) join in the fun too.

What Does Refurbished Mean and Is It a Good Buy?

67% of refurbished phone owners in the United States have no complaints regarding the quality of these products.  This is only a slightly lower margin compared to 69% of new smartphone owners who felt highly satisfied with their new phones.  You probably have had your misgivings about refurbished electronics. But would this notion change if you knew…

Here’s How to Fix the Most Common Phone Problems

Next time you’re out in public, take a look around. Take a quick headcount of how many people have their eyes glued to their phones. The latest estimates suggest that as many as five billion people around the globe have a smartphone. We rely on our smartphones for almost everything, from ordering food to shopping for our…

See How Fixing The Broken Screen On Your Phone May Be Easier Than You Think

What a time to be alive! Your cell phone has now become the central hub for all your internet, phone, and streaming needs and grants you access to all the information you could need. It’s amazing to think that after years of hauling around gargantuan cell phones with large antennas, you now carry around a…

Located at Former Johnny’s Toys Location in Northern Kentucky