What Does Refurbished Mean and Is It a Good Buy?

What Does Refurbished Mean and Is It a Good Buy?

 Tech Castle    -     November 4 , 2019

67% of refurbished phone owners in the United States have no complaints regarding the quality of these products.

This is only a slightly lower margin compared to 69% of new smartphone owners who felt highly satisfied with their new phones.

You probably have had your misgivings about refurbished electronics. But would this notion change if you knew that it’s possible to save more than half of what you would spend on a new but similar product?

Well, most buyers are innocently ignorant about revamped products. This makes them miss out on the opportunities that the refurbished goods market provides.

You may have many unanswered questions about pre-owned electronics.

Are you wondering what does refurbished mean? What happens to refurbished electronics? Or why should I buy refurbished electronics? Well, here’s everything you need to know.


What Is Refurbished?

What comes to your mind when you think about refurbished electronics? Rejects, right?

If you consider the refurbished definition, it may refer simply to reconditioning and then reselling a product. Most buyers presume that refurbished products have certain defects that may have prompted their recall.

The other common notion is that refurbished electronics are products that did not meet the quality threshold. This belief often applies to justify the reason these electrical appliances are cheaper. However, anyone who is well–informed about the refurbished industry would find these views laughable.

While all refurbished electronics are used, it is not true that all used second-hand appliances are refurbished. The refurbishment process means that the product went through an elongated process of revamping. The reasons for the recall or the return may vary.

In most cases of revamping electronics, the dealer has to conduct a major repair on the gadget as part of the refurbishment. In other instances, the reason for the revamp may be due to cosmetic damage. Dealers also site instances of damages in the packaging process, which contribute to the need for refurbishment.

In all these cases, adequate due diligence is exercised to ensure that the faults are resolved before resale.

A buyer may change their minds after purchase prompting a return of the product. This means that there are refurbished electronics that may not have been faulty in the first place.

Dealers must, however, use the term refurbished as a blanket generalization. But 90% of the time, you’ll get a product that is as good as new, regardless of the reasons for the refurbishment.


How Can You Tell That a Product Is Refurbished?

Unless you deal with a black market dealer, identifying refurbished phones and other electronics is easy. Certified refurbished goods must have labeling that identifies them as refurbished. This legal requirement ensures that buyers are well-aware of the condition of the item before purchase.

As long as an electronic has that refurbished tag, it is upon the buyer to exercise caution before committing to purchase the good.

You must appreciate that the products may have failed to meet the initial quality test hence the recall or the return. The label communicates that the product had to be rebuilt to meet a new threshold.


Numbers Don’t Lie

For you to understand how the refurbished industry operates, it is critical to digest a few statistics. The global market for refurbished smartphones grew by 13% for the third straight year since the year 2017. This means that there are over 140 million units of refurbished mobile phones in the market currently.

The growth in the industry means that refurbished phones now make up 10% of the total smartphone market.

For a layman, these figures may mean little. Nevertheless, from an analytical point of view, it is an indication of the steady growth in the appreciation of refurbished electrical.

This then shows that the sector is likely to grow at a steady pace over the next five years. Imagine buying a smartphone at half the initial cost. Well, some of these exciting trends may be the reason for the predicted growth in the refurbished industry in the future.


So What Does Refurbished Mean?

Every product that ends up in the market must pass specific quality stipulations. Similarly, revamped laptops, phones and tablets have to meet particular quality standards before ending up in an electronics store.

You’ve probably shied away from refurbished phones, laptops or tablets due to quality concerns. You need to breathe easy.

Most of the certified refurbished electronics go through a rigorous process of testing and quality control before approval. Experts go overboard to test, repair and reface the gadgets in a manner that makes them as good as new.

You no longer have to worry about the quality threshold of revamped products. The legal and quality limits that are in place ensure adherence to strict safety and quality standards.


Let’s Demystify the Second-Hand Notion

We all have our reservations about pre-owned phones or laptops. The apprehension is valid considering these are rather personal items. Perhaps this justifies the uneasiness most buyers have about refurbished electronics.

You’ll be surprised that not all second-hand electronics are refurbished. It is a misrepresentation of facts to assume that refurbished phones or other electronics are mere second-hand goods.

A second-hand product can change hands from one owner to the next without necessarily going through the process of reconditioning. For all certified refurbished goods, there must be a recall or a return that allows for a reconditioning before a resale.

Further, most second-hand resale transactions may occur without fulfilling a certification process. As a buyer, you must conduct due diligence to ensure that the second-hand goods meet the quality thresholds you may expect in such cases.

The opposite is true for refurbished products.

The dealer bears the burden of ensuring that the good meets the quality standards before marketing it back. Refurbished electronics, unlike second-hand goods, must meet very high pre-approval standards. This makes the difference between refurbished goods and second-hand products rather clear.


Have You Heard The Myths?

You must have heard the myths. First, buyers imagine that dealers only delete personal information on refurbished phones and laptops, then sell the gadgets back to unsuspecting buyers. While this is baseless, it is essential to discredit the view.

Refurbished phones not only undergo a detailed process of repair but must also satisfy the standards of a new phone. You do not need to think about the previous owner because your phone is as good as new.

Myth One

Refurbished phones are substandard hence the subsidized selling price.

While most refurbished phones and laptops are set at a cost lower than new phones, this does not imply compromised quality.

Most of the refurbished phones and other electronics often function at the same capacity as new ones. If you are keen on buying a refurbished phone, then you’ve nothing to worry about when it comes to quality. The lowered cost is just an incentive considering that the phone is a resale.

Myth Two

Refurbished phones are dirty.

Certified refurbished phones go past many hands before ending up at the dealership. It is, therefore, possible that you do not know the extent of exposure to germs that such electronic gadgets have had to undergo.

The good news is, certified refurbished goods go through more than just repairs. The process involves a meticulous and rigorous process of cleaning from top to bottom that intends to ensure your gadget is as good as new.

Phone cleaning often involves more than just the exterior. The cleaning process also covers the inside speakers and ports in a process that seeks to eliminate any hidden germs. Your refurbished phone is as good as new when it comes to the expected level of cleanliness.

Myth Three

Your refurbished phone is likely to break down sooner.

The fact that you are buying a phone that was previously in use does not mean that it falls short of the standards set for a new phone.

Whether you are buying a phone from a certified refurbished dealer or the manufacturer, the gadget still fits well into the set threshold on the quality of refurbished goods.

You may be shocked that your refurbished phone may last longer than a new phone purchased around the same time.


Look out for These Three Things When Buying Refurbished Electronics

Now that you’re sure refurbished goods are worth buying, you may want to consider the following critical aspects before going all out.

Is the Product a Result of Factory Refurbishment?

You need to know if the actual manufacturer took the burden of refurbishment.

This means that the product went through the same process that a new gadget or appliance would undergo before hitting the market. But this may not always be the case, when experts may fail to conduct refurbishment with credible competencies.

When third parties do the refurbishment, you need to ensure that there is a clear indication of the features and functions to anticipate. You need to be open-minded in such cases to ensure that you understand what the refurbished electronic offers.

Asking such critical questions can be an essential first step. Third parties such as Tech Castle guarantee you a flawless revamp process that leaves your gadget brand new.


Shocked, right?

Buyers do not know that refurbished goods have a warranty. Perhaps this often affects the view that they have on the assurance of quality when buying such products.

However, legally, all refurbished goods must have a warranty. You need to ensure that this warranty covers at least the first year of use. In such cases, you have a guarantee that if anything happens to the gadget, you have the option of returning it to the repairer.

A warranty ensures that you can follow up based on a written agreement in case of a fault. Before you take up a warranty, ensure that you’ve read the terms and conditions.

It is safer to buy refurbished goods where a warranty guides the contract.

Ensure You Deal with a Reliable Retailer

It is critical to understand the retail chain when buying a refurbished product. While it is hard to be fully aware of the extent of reputation attached to a retailer, it does not hurt to conduct due diligence.

First, you must ensure that the retailer is reliable.

If the retailer is a certified refurbished goods dealer, you’ll have an easier time engaging. You may use their warranty as a possible indicator of reliability. You can also use their years in operation as a measure of trustworthiness.

The internet is a good place to go when assessing a retailer’s reputation.

You can evaluate the reviews by past clients to get a better understanding of the retailer. Positive reviews translate to satisfied clients, and this may give you the confidence to engage.


So What Is in It for You?

Glad you asked.

Your most significant advantage when buying a refurbished phone is the cost-saving aspect. You’ll end up getting the same phone or laptop for less than the initial cost.

If you need a smartphone but you are cash-constrained, rest easy, refurbished electronics are your best bet. You’ll still get the full package.

As opposed to second hand or used phones, refurbished smartphones come with a charging cable, ear-phones and Bluetooth extensions. However, this depends on the dealer and their reputation when it comes to dealing with refurbished products.

When you buy refurbished phones, you are also an advocate for a sustainable environment. Refurbished phones are recycled, meaning you help ensure that they stay out of landfills. This is critical towards saving the environment.


You No Longer Have to Fear Refurbished Electronics: Your Misgivings Are Demystified

Buying that refurbished phone should no longer be a concern. Information is power, and this guide has answered, “what does refurbished mean?” Have you been wondering when and how you’ll manage to buy that new iPhone?

Worry no more. Refurbished iPhone varieties are yours for the taking. At Tech Castle, we offer phone refurbishment services that leave your gadget as good as new.

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