Cell Phone Repair:

Does your cell phone need any sort of repair? We’ve got you covered. Here at Tech Castle, we’ve seen it all! No matter if you have a Samsung, iPhone, Sony, LG or any other brand, for our professional techs, no device is too new or too complicated. We understand that you can’t afford to have a broken or malfunctioning cell phone for a long period. Our skilled experts can relieve you of this headache with a fast turnaround and a budget-friendly cost for all your repair needs!

Iphone Repair - Northern Kentucky NKY

Apple iPhone Repair Special Through November 25th!

Save up to $85 off of our normal pricing when you bundle display and battery replacement!

Don’t see your phone listed? We repair all makes and models. Call or stop in our Northern Kentucky TechCastle location for a free evaluation!

*all pricing and service availability is subject to change*

Free Diagnostic:

If the problem with your cell phone is unclear, we also got you covered! At Tech Castle, we offer a free diagnostic exam with every cell phone repair (Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG or any other brand). Our specialized technicians in our Northern Kentucky TechCastle location will help you find the root of your cell phone problem with transparency and care, then proceed to provide you with all your repair options, including cost and time estimates.

Does your iPhone screen needs a replacement?

No matter what cell phone or iPhone model, Tech Castle can fix all screens. We have fixed countless of iPhone screens in the Northern Kentucky area with a fast turnaround. We understand that accidents happen and that you need a fast and reliable screen repair shop that can give you a budget friendly high-quality and convenient repair. Our specialized technicians will be more than happy to assist you and get your iPhone looking like new! If you are looking for a cell phone or iPhone screen service, stop by Tech Castle in our Northern Kentucky location. 

Can you replace an iPhone Battery?

Is your phone dying before lunch time? Then you need an iPhone battery replacement. Our iPhone battery replacement service is a quick and easy fix for your problem! We offer a free diagnostic with repair to see if there is other underlying issues that are causing to deplete your battery.  Our special technician will help you make your iPhone last longer. Visit Tech Castle in our Northern Kentucky location now!

Does your iPhone have water damage?

If you drop your iPhone in water, get it to our specialized technicians as soon as possible. We make sure to run a in-depth and thorough diagnostic to find any critical water damage. Don’t stress! Bring it to our Northern Kentucky Tech Castle location for a budget-friendly repair and fast turnaround. 

Is your iPhone Speaker not working?

If your iPhone speaker is not emitting any sound, it is most likely a software or a hardware issue.  Our specialized technicians here at Tech Castle make sure to check that is not due to an update or app. If it’s a hardware issue, you may need an iPhone Speaker replacement. Stop by our Northern Kentucky Tech Castle location for a budget-friendly repair and fast turnaround!