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How to Detect a Virus on Your Android Phone (And Get Rid of It)

They're over 2 billion active android devices in the world. Do you think only Iphone and PC users get viruses? Think again. It's still possible to get a virus on an Android. In this article, we'll go over the different types of Android viruses, detecting and getting rid of them. Not sure where to begin? We will go over everything, from how you can get malware on your Android, to removing it! Following the steps and research listed in this article will help you to avoid a cell phone virus in clear to follow steps, and if you have one…

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Choosing the Best PC Repair Company: A Guide for the Ultracautious

When your desktop or laptop breaks down on you, you have a couple of options: You either repair it yourself or find a computer repair shop. If you build your PC yourself and you know your way around a computer, you’re likely going to pick the first option. If you’re like many and don’t like the hassle, your option is to call the experts. PC repair needs the right people, skills, and the right computer repair technician. Even then, you can’t pick anyone on Google Maps and hope for the best. Which computer repair services do you trust? In this…

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Good Deal or Money Down the Drain? All About Buying a Refurbished Laptop

Are you looking to buy a laptop for school or work? Are you wondering if it is ok to buy refurbished laptops? Before you look at brand new units, you might want to consider refurbished laptops too. The estimated market for refurbished consumer electronics is around $10 billion. It’s bigger than most of us realize and the market isn’t showing signs of declining. This may be due to the rising number of IT students and professionals. Whether you’re in the IT industry, checking out refurbished computers may benefit you. Below is our guide on buying a refurbished laptop. Read on…

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15 Tips on How to Prevent Computer Viruses in 2019

The most recent statistics reveal that malicious cyber activity costs the U.S. an alarming $57-$109 billion a year. Have you had trouble with constant annoying pop-ups? Then you have at least some personal experience with malicious software.  But computer viruses are sometimes far more than annoying. Some hackers now have ways of taking over your computer's operating system. In that case, all your sensitive personal information is held for ransom.  Read on for tips on how to prevent computer viruses in 2019.  The Case for Antivirus Software Some people argue that all computers come with antivirus software installed, so there's no need…

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9 Tricks on How to Speed Up Your Android Phone

Is your phone running slow? No worries! Here are nine tricks and tips on how to speed up your Android phone. We've all been there before. You go to show someone a funny video on your phone and for whatever it just won't load. So now you're left standing there awkwardly as the person you were excited to show this video to has quickly begun to lose interest. And even when you're connected to your home's lightning fast WiFi, your phone still loads slowly far too often. Using social media apps, watching videos online, or just trying to text someone doesn't…

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