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What’s Wrong With My Computer? Troubleshooting Computer Repair Problems

Your deadline is on the horizon and suddenly your computer freezes. You're probably screaming, "What's wrong with my computer?"  Computers are a great tool that many of us rely on daily in both our personal and professional lives. Troubleshooting a computer is a bit different than, say, troubleshooting an iPhone. If our phone stops working we just upgrade to a new phone. When it comes to our computers making a change isn't that simple and upgrades aren't being passed out like candy. Sometimes our whole life is on our computers. If something goes wrong it is a major crisis. For that…

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Why Won’t My iPhone Turn On? Troubleshooting Common iPhone Repair Issues

Oh, God, not this. The last thing you need is your iPhone messing up on you. You've shelled out too much of your hard-earned cash to have this happen, and it needs to be fixed - fast. Except there's a bit of a problem. You aren't much of a tech wiz, so when it comes to carrying out an iPhone repair you don't really know how to make it happen. So what do you do? Go to a computer specialist to have them repair it for you? Or maybe dig deep into your pockets and find a way to purchase another…

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Hold The Virus: 10 Ways to Avoid Malware on Your Computer

Viruses and malware can do a lot of damage to your computer. There are steps you can take to avoid malware though. Read here to learn how to protect your PC. The digital world has revolutionized our lives. We now live in an age that would have been considered science fiction not so long ago. Every day we hold more technology in our smartphones than what took astronauts to the moon a few decades ago. Clearly, the internet, smartphones, tablets, and computers provide us with an incredible amount of info. But as our reliance on computers has grown, so have the dangers…

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10 Ways to Clean Up Your Computer

Computer running slow? Clean up your computer and enhance its performance by getting rid of old files, unused programs, and cookies. Viruses, trojans, and backdoors - oh, my! 1 out of 3 modern computers is infected with something nasty the user isn't happy about. And loads more are running with a performance that's way below par. Is that you? Keep reading for your guide to getting your computer right, and clean up your computer! Check Your Start Programs All modern operating systems come with a mechanism to launch a list of programs every time the computer reboots. Things like anti-virus…

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